12 Month Maintenance Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a listing of maintenance works that are required to be rectified within the next 12 months.


Why is it important to unit owners?

Buildings and complexes are generally described as being inanimate objects. But we at QBM who are passionate about buildings think that they can almost be described as “living and breathing” structures.

Buildings change over time and are affected by age, internal stresses within the building, the elements and usage. It is these changes that can result in significant deterioration to the complex and the buildings making up the complex.

Thus it is critical that unit owners have a clear understanding of the impact upon the building by outside forces.

A 12 month maintenance plan involves a complete and detailed inspection of the complex and buildings to identify the impact of such forces upon the building’s structure. A detailed report is produced with full photographic evidence of all issues identified that will require action over the following 12 months.

With the aid of this report the Owner’s Corporation /Body Corporate can easily engage suitable contractors to undertake such rectifications as may be required.

There is an old saying “if it ain’t broke, leave it”.

QBM does not believe in this attitude.

We are in business to save strata unit owners money. Thus we firmly believe through the over 40 years experience of our founder, Donald Pitt, that buildings that are well maintained will save the owners large sums of money over the life of the building.