Balcony and Barriers Reporting

The purpose of this report is to provide a detailed analysis of all balcony’s and barriers within the property. To complete the inspection, the internal of units will need to be accessed to view the balcony and barriers.

What are Barriers?

The current National Construction Code (formally Building Code of Australia) now refers to all handrails and balustrade as Barriers. This change is most likely due to the fact that modern construction techniques for balconies, etc. Include solid masonry walls, so these cannot be referred to as being a balustrade.

Why Inspect Balconies and Barriers?

Like all building elements, Balconies and Barriers deteriorate over time. However, unlike some other building elements, the risk associated with these, and the resultant injuries from failure, mean that balconies and barriers are some of the most important elements on a building.

Failure of balconies and barriers is all too common with many failures resulting in one or multiple deaths. The risk is so great that Governments have issues urgent notices to builders and building inspectors covering the risks, safety issues, and the requirement for regular inspections.

For Owners Corporations and Bodies Corporate the risk of injury and subsequent litigation means that these should be the first priority for any maintenance and upgrades.

What’s involved in a Balcony and Barrier Inspection?

QBM will inspect all unit and common area balconies and all barriers to confirm and number of issues as follows.

Identify requirements in force at time of construction
Inspect height and spacing’s
Identify climbable objects
Identify any “wear and tear” and damage
Identify all safety issues
Identify structural issues that may affect the integrity of the balconies and barriers

A detailed report with photographic evidence will be provided together with full recommendations.

We will not deliberately break the barriers to prove they meet weight loadings.