Section 62 Report

The purpose of this service is to provide a detailed report listing all defects within the complex to allow the Owners Corporation to abide by the requirements of Section 62 Strata Schemes Management Act 1996.

The Act

Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996, the Owners Corporation must maintain and repair common property.

Section 62 of the Act follows:

What are the duties of an owners corporation to maintain and repair property?

(1) An owners corporation must properly maintain and keep in a state of good and serviceable repair the common property and any personal property vested in the owners corporation.

(2) An owners corporation must renew or replace any fixtures or fittings comprised in the common property and any personal property vested in the owners corporation.

(3) This clause does not apply to a particular item of property if the owners corporation determines by special resolution that:

(a) it is inappropriate to maintain, renew, replace or repair the property, and

(b) its decision will not affect the safety of any building, structure or common property in the strata scheme or detract from the appearance of any property in the strata scheme.

QBM are the experts in developing Section 62 Reports.

The Process

QBM are the professionals and as such our process is the most professional in the industry.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Discuss maintenance issues with the Body Corporate Manager
  3. Conduct a full and detailed condition survey of the complex
  4. Identify a listing of works that are required over the next 12 months split into quarterly blocks
  5. Produce a detailed written report that meets all the requirements of the “STRATA SCHEMES MANAGEMENT ACT 1996”